Why Copy-Cats are Harming the Cannabis Industry

Slapsta DesignJun 19, '22

Canna Copy-Cats are Harming our Industry

We've all seen it - Candy, food and drink brands around the world having their beautiful logos and packaging mutilated and shamelessly copied by greedy 'Cannabis Pirates' and made into packaging for cannabis edibles, flower, or whatever else seems to go well with the brand they are ripping off.

Harmless, right?

Cannabis Edibles made to look like Candy Brands

Why is this happening? 

This happens for the same reason people make colourful logos and packaging in the first place - Branding is important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. So why copy? Why don't they make their own brand? 

The problem is its much easier to slap another well establised brand's logo on your packaging, rather than painstakingly build your products reputation from the ground up. 

This may seem like a great idea at first. But remember - The point of logos and branding is to stand out, convey a message (my product is the best!) and be recognisable on the shelf. You build releasionships with your customers, who learn to trust your brand or product. 

So what happens when Jim down the road has the same 'Doritos' edibles bags as you? But has product thats badly made, and customers hate? 

This leaves you without a brand, and a load of useless copycat bags. The end customer, by looking at the packaging, knows no different between your amazing product, or Jim's rubbish product which has next to no THC inside, and has been made on his kitchen counter, with his cat licking the edge of the mixing bowl. 

But not only is it harming you - Its harming our whole industry

Why it is Harmful to our Industry

The Cannabis Industry is already the most regulated, taxed and scrutinised industry in the world. Taxed higher than adult services or gambling in California, and still outlawed in many countries around the world, these copy-cat brands give law enforcement, government 'anti-drug' agencies, and Karen on Facebook the leverage they need to bring stricter regulation, laws, and prosecutions against our hard-working farmers, retailers, and anyone else looking to make some legal money from our once illegal (and still frowned upon) industry.

"Its appealing to children"

"It can fool people into thinking its just chocolate"

What is the Solution?

SLAPSTA specialises in branding in the CBD and Cannabis industry. Any good design agency will take the time to understand your product or brand, and provide logos and branding which can represent your brand or product in the best possible way, without breaking copy-right laws, or being similar to any exsisting trademarks.

There is still ways of saying to a customer 'Hey, my product tastes like this exsisting product' or, 'This flower really smells like Oreos' without breaking the law, or looking like you are trying to sell your product to children. 

Get in touch with SLAPSTA today to get your brand or products branding in order, and build YOUR brand, that is all yours. Don't copy someone elses!

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