Cartridge Tube Label Print


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High quality, durable, water, and weatherproof vinyl vape cartridge tube prints. Suitable for plastic vape cartridge tubes, or 76mm Pop-Top tubes.

Please choose the quantity, and finish you require.

Need a design? You can purchase a Cartridge Tube Label Design from the DESIGN section in the main menu.

You can also buy labels pre-applied to tubes by purchasing Custom Labeled Vape Pop-Tubes from the Custom Packaging Section.

Please upload artwork to the size set out below:

Label Type
Label Size
76mm Vape Pop Tube Label
48mm x 58mm

The label will overlap by approx 2mm. Keep all text at least 5mm from all edges.

For smaller quantities, stickers will be supplied on sheets. For larger orders, your stickers will be supplied on rolls with 76mm cardboard tube cores. Perfect for hand or machine application. Also compact and easier to distribute.

If you need a specific size, orientation, material, finish, quantity per roll, or all edges trimmed for mechanical application, please contact us for a custom print quote
*Images are examples