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Mylar bags are the most cost-effective and lightweight way of packaging edibles, dried flower, and more! 

50pcs-999pcs: For orders starting at 50pcs, we would recommend labeled sticker bags - A printed sticker label applied professionally to one side of the bag. These are produced in 1-4 days and are available in great finishes such as holographic chrome and more.

1000pcs-4999pcs: For orders of 1000pcs and above, Standard Direct Print Mylar Pouches are the best option. Manufactered to your size and specifications, and digitally printed directly to the bag, you have most the same great finish options as the Premium Direct Print Pouches, but they are not as cost effective. 

5000pcs and above: For large orders, by far the most cost effective and superior quality option is our Premium Direct Print Pouches. Printed with Gravure printing technology. In gravure printing, the image is engraved onto a cylinder because, like offset printing and flexography, it uses a rotary printing press. 

With these bags, you can fine tune which parts of the print are gloss, matte, holographic and more. You can use metallic foil, gloss, and matte printing all at once. These are also the highest print resolution, thickest material, and cheapest per unit option. Cylinder mold fees are included in the cost and are deductable from future orders, saving even more money. They are the no-brainer option for larger orders!