Custom Vape Device / Pre-Roll Mylar Sticker Bags


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Small, rectangle shape resealable and heat-sealable mylar bags with printed vinyl labels applied to one side.

Use For: Pre-Rolled Joints / Blunts, Vape Pen Devices, Vape Cartridges.

Please upload your artwork before checkout.

You can upload multiple designs if needed, let us know in the notes how many of each you require.

If you don't have a mylar bag design yet, you can get one here.

Product Details:

Bag Size: 92mm (W) x 127mm (H)

Internal Dimensions:  82mm (W) x 94mm (H)

Capacity: 3.5grams - 5grams dried flower, Vape Cartridge, Vape Device, Pre-Roll

Bag Colour: Black, White or Holographic Rear / Clear front window

Production Details :

Minimum Order Quantity: 50pcs

Production Time: 2-4 business days (approx)

Shipping Time: DHL (UK 24hrs, U.S + Rest of World 2-4 Days)

Please upload artwork to the sizes set out below:

Bag Size Label Size
Vape Cart Mylar Bags 14.7cm (W) x 6.6cm (H)

Please keep important text and symbols 3mm inside from the artboard edge.

Your artwork is checked and set up manually, If we see anything that might be a problem, or have to edit your artwork, we will contact you.