Dumpster Diver Mixed Sticker Pack

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Mixed random sticker pack. Contains spares and offcut stickers, randomly selected. These are offcuts and over-prints of our most bought and popular designs.

Sticker packs are big for the money - Almost 4x cheaper than regular prints.

Pressitin Labels, Jar Labels, Mylar Covers, Lid Stickers and more! The ultimate sticker pack for sticker bombing and collecting.

Please choose the sticker pack size you require from the drop-down menu.

Please note: Stickers are randomly selected spares and offcuts we have accumulated over 3 years. Some labels may not have lids or sidebands to match - Although we will try to give you the full set.  Please do not leave a note asking for any particular strains or packaging types. We will be unable to honour this request. Happy diving!